This is Oliver. He had an upfront seat with a view yesterday wedged between my suitcase and 25 rolls of fabric. Yep, that was us barrelling down the 401 heading home with 5 foot rolls of bamboo ready for storage.

Let me back up a bit so you get the whole picture. Last fall I started getting my bamboo fabric knit right here in Canada, in Mississauga to be exact. It was a big step for me and one that I’m proud of because I can now say COKANNA is truly Canadian-made. But, along with that comes a new set of challenges like where to store the rolls of fabric. With custom knit, minimum orders are required. I can’t just order a few rolls to make my next style.

25 Rolls of Fabric + The Dog by Colleen Kanna

Luckily, my manufacturer in Oshawa was kind enough to store my fabric up until yesterday. They are moving into a new facility, their own building in fact which is pretty exciting, but that meant my fabric had to be out of there. With my brother-in-law’s help, we loaded all 25 rolls into the back of my Highlander. I couldn’t even see out the back window so my BIL graciously offered to keep a few of the smaller rolls in their spare bedroom until the next time I’m back in town. So, now with 20 rolls in the car and a clear view in my rearview mirror, Oliver and I headed home.

I rented a small 5′ x 5′ storage unit at Dymon Storage. They were the best value for my money even if it meant bringing the fabric all the way to Ottawa. They are less expensive, bright, clean, climate controlled, and include insurance and other business perks. Believe me, it was my best option after seeing some of the storage facilities in and around the Toronto area.

So, I had lots of help loading the rolls into my car but only me, myself, and I unloading at the other end. Thankfully, they have moving carts to get the job done but when you’re barely 5 feet tall, getting twenty 5 foot rolls out of the car and onto the cart and then off the cart and into the storage locker, was a bit of a feat. Such is the life of a solo entrepreneur. Not only do I get to be the designer but the pick up and delivery person too!

Unloading rolls of fabric

But, it’s all worth it because I’m super excited to use the new bamboo jersey for the next iteration of the Maxine Reversible top. Based on your feedback, the new Maxine is more of a tunic, longer in length with side slits and a more generous, A-line cut. I will have this style available by the end of the month.

In the meantime, take advantage of the 50% Mother’s Day sale on the Maxine tank in teal and charcoal while quantities last. You have until end of day tomorrow. They’re going fast!

Claire in the teal Maxine tank, V in front, Size S

Claire in the teal Maxine, V in front, Size S

Heidi in the charcoal Maxine tank, boatneck in front, Size XL

Heidi in the charcoal Maxine, boatneck in front, Size XL

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Until next week,

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography







~ Colleen