Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

I’m going on a road trip this weekend with my dear friend, Theresa! You might be thinking Thelma & Louise but rest assured, we are not on the run so there will be no heart-wrenching drama, no law breaking unless I get a speeding ticket, and no Brad Pitt! Just a lot of girl talk.

In fact, Theresa has badly bruised her tailbone..ouch! she will be sitting on a little rubber donut ring pillow the whole way. Plus, we are only driving to Oshawa and back in the same day. How’s that for drama!

I am looking forward to the trip though. One, because we are going to pick up my production order of new fall cardigans and pants from my manufacturer, Canadian Service Apparel, in Oshawa.

New Vesna Cardigan in Silky Blue

New Vesna cardigan in silky blue

If you have been following my blog, you know it has been a long time coming for these new designs, lots of returning, rethinking, redesigning, and reworking to bring them to fruition. See The Stuff You Don’t Hear About and A Lesson in Slow Fashion.

New Lynne pant in midnight black

New Lynne pant in midnight black

And two, I get to spend time with my good friend. We have been trying to get together for a while now. Theresa has started a new full-time job and I have been busy getting the new line up and running so both of these things have been getting in the way of our social time. Damn, our schedules are not as flexible now to squeeze in those tea breaks.

So, we get to chit chat and catch up with each other on the 4 hour drive there, with a break for lunch, and then the 4 hour drive back. Sounds rather dull, doesn’t it? But, really, I can’t wait. Much needed girlfriend time without the interruptions of daily life at home.

To add a little excitement to the trip, there will be the unveiling of my new fall/winter line. I thought the day would never come! Stay tuned for a Facebook live video and Instagram story and some great photos…Thelma & Louise style. Remember T&L took the first selfie with a polaroid camera!