My blog post is going to the dogs this week. I’m devoting it to our dog, Oliver. He’s celebrating his Sweet 16. Happy Birthday Oliver!

Oliver is a Jack Russell/Welsh Terrier mix. He was adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society by my sister. He was 1 year old.

Three years later in 2011 when I was going through chemotherapy, my sister gave us the gift of Ollie. She knew my daughter had always wanted a dog. It was perfect timing because it gave Maddi something positive to focus on.

Happy Birthday Oliver by Colleen Kanna, Photo of my daughter with her beloved dog, Oliver

Best buddies

If I had to describe Ollie’s personality, I would say he’s calm, reserved, polite, and a dog of few words i.e. he never barks. A real gentleman. That makes him the perfect dog for a condo. Even when he gets a treat, he very gently takes it from my hand into his mouth.

Happy Birthday Oliver, Photo of Oliver freshly groomed.

Oliver the Gentleman

When he was a puppy though, the Jack Russell side was more dominant. Man, could he jump. The boy had springs. Check out this photo of my daughter training him to do tricks for a pet demonstration at school.

Happy Birthday Oliver by Colleen Kanna, Photo of my daughter training Oliver to jump through a hoop.

Jumping through hoops

In fact, Oliver has been to school 3 times. Once for show & tell, another for a class presentation, and the final time to do the pet trick demo.

During his annual checkup last week, he received a clean bill of health. The vet always marvels at his age especially when it comes to his teeth. I credit that to good genes and good dental hygiene. I brush his teeth every night before bed. All I have to do is hold up the toothbrush and he comes running. To be totally honest, it’s because he knows he gets a dog treat beforehand.

As always, the birthday boy received some birthday gifts. He loves to open presents even when they’re not his! Still a kid at heart. I figure he’s about 83 in people years. He’s right on the cusp of being a small and medium dog. So according to the dog to human conversion charts, he’s somewhere between 80 and 87.

And in celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d include his Halloween costume roundup.

Oliver in a pumpkin costume

Oliver the Pumpkin

Oliver in a chef costume

Chef Oliver

Oliver in a cowboy costume

New Sheriff in Town

Oliver in a Batman costume

Holy Cow Batman!

I love when Ollie sighs and groans. Just like a little old man. It’s tough when you have to get up from your doggie bed, get a drink of water, and then trot off to the couch for another nap. Plus, he’s breathing a sigh of relief that he longer has to dress up for Halloween now that he’s a condo dog.

Happy Birthday Ollie. May you be healthy; May you be happy; and May you live with ease.

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Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen and Oliver

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