I’ve decided to wish you a Happy Galentine’s Day this year instead of the usual Valentine’s Day. Not that I’m opposed to Valentine’s Day. It warms my heart to see couples walking hand-in-hand.

Just the other day, Oliver and I met up with an elderly couple on a walk together. Btw, Oliver is my 14 year old Jack Russell Welsh Terrier. They stopped to greet us, gently pat Ollie’s head, and comment on the weather. And, then they carried on their way hand-in-hand. It made me smile.

A couple of years ago, I happened to be in the grocery store on February 14th. The store had cleverly set up a temporary fast checkout booth selling bouquets of flowers. And guess what, there was a long lineup of men, probably on their way home from work. Again it made me smile and lol.

Although Valentine’s Day started out as a Christian celebration honouring Saint Valentine, it has long become a day to celebrate the love between 2 people in a romantic relationship. That excludes many of us.

So, I like that Galentine’s Day is a day to gather with your friends, single or not, and celebrate the love all around you, not just the love of romantic relationships. The official date is February 13th, but you can celebrate any time in February.

Happy Galentine's Day by Colleen Kanna

Celebrate Galentine’s Day with your friends

It originated in an episode of Parks and Recreation titled “Galentine’s Day (Season 2, Episode 16). Leslie played by Amy Poehler throws a brunch party celebrating her female friends. She gives them an extravagant gift bag filled with all sorts of eccentric gifts including a handmade mosaic of their faces, a bouquet of crocheted flower pens, and a personalized 5,000 word essay of why they’re so awesome. The episode aired in 2010 and was seen by 4.98 million viewers. Hence, Galentine’s Day was born.

This year, I’m hosting an online Galentine’s Party with the group of women from the Forget for a Moment Makeover event held last October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I won’t be hand-making mosaics of their faces, or crocheting flower pens, or writing personalized 5,000 word essays, but we will come together to share our experiences and celebrate the love and connection that helps us live our best lives.

I’m also celebrating with a Galentine’s Giveaway. You could win a bamboo fleece toque for you and your gal pal. You can wear them on a walk together! To enter, simply go to: Galentine’s Giveaway and drop your email and first name. The winner will be announced on February 14th via email. Get your bestie to enter too and double your chances.

Happy Galentine's Day by Colleen Kanna, Photo of golden yellow and black bamboo toques with recycled fur pompoms

Golden yellow or black bamboo toque with removable fur pompom

You have your choice of a golden yellow or black toque, maybe one of each is the way to go. Plus, your choice of removable pompom recycled from pre-loved fur coats donated by women in the COKANNA Coffee Shop Community.

I wish you a Happy Galentine’s Day filled with lots of love and laughter surrounded by your ‘I’ve-got-you-no-matter-what’ friends.

Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support Rethink Breast Cancer‘s metastatic breast cancer education, support, and advocacy work.