Once again I need your valuable input. Please help me pick one more colour for the Pamela Hoodie.

Final production run

Let me refresh your memory, I’m doing one final production run before I start winding down COKANNA. I can do 3 styles. In a previous blog post entitled Important Question for You, I asked “What would be the last COKANNA design you would like to have hanging in your closet?” And, you answered.

Your votes

I tallied up the votes in Here’s What You’re Voting For. First place went to the Cropped Cardi in charcoal grey and possibly black (not 100% sure on this yet).

Help me pick one more colour by Colleen Kanna, Photo of cropped cardi in charcoal

Cropped Cardi

The 2nd runner up was the Pamela Hoodie. Many of you already own the Pamela in raspberry. You were delighted to see it come back in different colours.

Help me pick one more colour by Colleen Kanna, Photo of Pamela hoodie in raspberry

Pamela Hoodie in Raspberry

The 3rd place finish went to the Joan Trouser in charcoal and black bamboo french terry.

Help me pick more colour by Colleen Kanna, Photo of Joan Trousers in black

Joan Trouser

Now, let’s get back to the fun stuff: picking a colour!

Naturally, I’m trying to use up the fabric I have left. I thought the light and dark charcoal micro stripe I used for my latest bamboo leggings and lounge pants would be great for the hoodie.

It turns out though, I don’t have quite enough of the light charcoal. So, since I have to order more fabric anyway, why not go with a 3rd colour?

Colours to choose from

Here’s your chance to be part of the design process. Your choices are Dark Blue, Cabernet Plum, and Forest Teal. All in a soft and breathable bamboo micro stripe jersey. Keep in mind, it’s hard to capture true colours in a tiny photo of a fabric swatch displayed on a screen.

Hmmm…thinking out loud here…what I’ve just decided to do is schedule a Facebook Live on Wednesday, August 10th, at 12:00 pm EST. I’ll show you the fabric swatches live. You can hop on during your lunch break and have a look. In the meantime, here they are:

Dark Blue

Cabernet Plum

Forest Teal

Pick your favourite colour(s) that you’ll want to wear. Then vote in the comments below, or send me an email at colleen@cokanna.ca.

Also, to refresh your memory of the other 2 colours, here’s the Pamela in the light charcoal micro stripe over the dark charcoal leggings.

Help me pick more colour by Colleen Kanna, Photo of Colleen in the light charcoal micro stripe hoodie overtop the dark charcoal micro strip leggings

Light charcoal hoodie over dark charcoal leggings

This will be the final small batch collection of the Pamela. I like to call it a hoodie for grown-a$$ women! It features a shawl neckline that wraps around into a hood. There’s just the right amount of comfiness without looking sloppy. It has a roomy kangaroo pocket and the sleeves are a tad longer. This gives you the option of rolling them up or keeping your hands warm on chilly days. It’s the perfect marriage of comfort and style.

I’ll only have 2 in each size in the light charcoal and the new colour chosen by you. I’m hoping to get 4 of each size out of the dark charcoal grey. The size range will run 1(S), 2(M), 3(L) and 4(XL).

Pre-order opportunity

I’ll offer a pre-order opportunity in early September so you won’t miss out on your size and fav colour. You’ll get front of the line access as Keeping Abreast subscribers. Delivery date will be some time in October.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your input and support. It’s always fun to collaborate with you!

Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support Rethink Breast Cancer‘s metastatic breast cancer education, support, and advocacy work.