How can I create more value for you? That’s my question for you this week.

This may seem like a hard question to answer, especially when it comes to clothing. It’s not like a service. So, let me help you. First, think about the value my bamboo clothing brings to you now. Why do you buy it? What do you love about it? Take your time to really think about this.

Then, consider how I could provide more of this. I invite you to be thoughtful and really explore this. It could be anything from styles, colours & sizes to pricing, packaging, shipping & customer service. Those are the more obvious things. But, what about…

Things to consider

How does the clothing make you feel?

Where do you wear the clothing?

How do you wear the clothing? What do you put with it?

Are there specific events, places you wear it?

What type of activities are you doing when you have it on?

Then, think about what is important, helpful, desirable when you get dressed in the morning.

Now, answer the question, How can I create more value for you?

And one more thing…don’t forget to think beyond just the clothing. There are COKANNA Coffee Shop events too. What type of events fill you up? Online or in-person? Trying on clothes and shopping? Having a guest speaker? Enjoying coffee/tea and desserts? Or perhaps, a glass of wine and canapés? Themed events like Mother’s Day, World Bamboo Day, Flash Sales? Or, simply gathering together for good company, camaraderie, shared experiences and conversation?

Let your imagination run free. Put your thoughts in the comment section below. Or send me an email at I look forward to hearing what you have say.

Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support Rethink Breast Cancer‘s metastatic breast cancer education, support, and advocacy work.