YESSS, bamboo leggings and lounge pants for the love of comfort! I’m really loving these new bottoms and so are the customers who pre-ordered them.

I’m wearing the leggings daily to work out in. I like doing exercise and dance videos in the comfort and privacy of my home. Never been a big gym person, but you could definitely wear them to the gym.

They’re also great for dog walking and running errands. I pair them with a longer top for these outings. They work well for any activity that requires casual comfort. Having coffee with friends, shopping, skating, so many uses.

Leggings and lounge pants for the love of comfort

Wear a long top over the leggings

Barb in Thunder Bay sent me this review: “I wanted a soft pair of leggings, without any compression, to wear with a long sweatshirt for visiting or running errands. These are perfect! So soft!”

“I love the leggings. I don’t know how I’ll wear any other fabrics after this. They are the softest leggings I have ever worn. They fit so well to my body.” ~ Julie in Ottawa

Chris is a Yoga Instructor at MountainGoat Yoga and she wrote, “I did active yoga in the leggings today and they were FANTASTIC! The grip on the mat was great, the high waist felt very supportive when squatting or bending over, and the temperature was just perfect.!!! (P.S. I’m not exaggerating with the exclamation marks. She actually put 3 of them).

I’m going to try them out at a restorative yoga class at MountainGoat Yoga soon. I first discovered restorative yoga when I was going through breast cancer many years ago. It was so relaxing for my parasympathetic nervous system and well…restorative…I need that in my life again.

What can I tell you about the lounge pants? They’re so loungy lol! Seriously though, they’re perfect for lounging around at home or out. You can get them in a cropped version or full length. The cropped length is great for the summer especially if you prefer not to wear shorts. I’m 5’0′ so the cropped version is full length on me, but I also like to roll them up to get that cropped look.

Leggings and lounge pants for the love of comfort

Light charcoal lounge pants paired with the Maxine reversible tank in white

Here’s what Nancy in Ottawa has to say about them. “I think these are the best pants ever for Spring and Summer!”

Nancy even bought a second pair. Did I mention they come in 2 colours? There’s the light charcoal micro stripe with a dark charcoal waistband, and a dark charcoal micro stripe with a black waistband.

I’ll also add that the lounge pants will take you right through the Fall. Then in the Winter wear them as cozy pajamas.

Betty in Cornwall sent me an email with the heading “Love my new pants” and wrote, “I love the fit and length.”

Even though they are lounge pants, one could argue you could dress them up too. Have a look!

Leggings and lounge pants for the love of comfort

Dress up the dark charcoal lounge pants with the Maxine reversible tank in black

If comfort is your jam, then give the leggings and/or lounge pants a try! The leggings come in the dark charcoal micro stripe and in Sizes 1(S), 2(M), 3(L), and 4(XL). Psst, I only have 3 pairs left in 4(XL).

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The lounge pants come in both light and dark charcoal micro stripe with a contrasting waistband. The sizing is from 1(S) to 3(L) and in 2 lengths: cropped 26″ inseam and regular length 31″ inseam. This is a small batch collection so don’t miss out.

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Order now and get your comfy on!

P.S. Come back next week because I have an important question for you!

Until next time, namaste!

~ Colleen

Colleen in dark charcoal micro stripe bamboo leggings

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support local breast cancer organizations who treat the whole person and not just the disease.