I first met Lynne when I started figure skating about 4 years ago. Since then she has become a role model for me, both on and off the ice. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Lynne is a 70-something dynamo with a heart of gold. When I think of Lynne, the word that comes to mind is “love”. She has such a zest for life and always sees the good in people. I have never heard her say an unkind word about anyone.

Bernie was her beloved husband of 47 years before passing. When she speaks of him, it is with much love, warmth, and affection. In Lynne’s own words, “I feel most grateful and extremely fortunate to have had Bernie as my soulmate for all those years”. Lynne has shared these photos of her and Bernie skating together. They were ice dance partners as well as life partners.

Lynne & Bernie, partners on and off the ice

Showing off their dance moves

Last summer I had the pleasure of Lynne’s company on a few trips to Chelsea for some summer ice skating. Afterwards we would go out for brunch, or for an ice cream at La Cigale...sometimes both. During one of our outings, she told me the story of how she met Bernie and fell in love. It was so sweet. She has such wonderfully fond memories. It feels you up with joy just listening to her.

On the ice, there is no stopping Lynne. Did I mention she is in her 70’s? Well, you would never know it the way she zips around the rink doing toe loops and flip jumps, spins, fancy footwork, and hydroblading. No one can keep up with her!

Two years ago at about this time of year, I fell during our Thursday morning practice session and broke my wrist. I’d like to say I was attempting an axel but alas, I was only doing a mohawk (for all you skating fans out there). Lynne drove me to the hospital, went home and made a lunch and some tea in a thermos and brought it back to the emergency room for me, and then sat and kept me company. Could there be a better skating buddy?

Lynne is the real life inspirational role model behind the Lynne pant. They are named in her honour. Lynne has two pair of her namesake pants. She wears them on the ice. They move with her body as she jumps, spins, and gracefully bends her knees and they don’t lose their shape. Plus, they keep her warm and comfortable. Another bonus, Lynne wears them off the ice as well.

Lynne has this to say about her signature pant:

“The Lynne pants are unbelievably comfortable and stylish for all my activities. They are my favourite ‘go anywhere’ pants…skating, shopping, going out for lunch or for walks with my friends especially during the chilly weather. They breathe and stretch with every move. They are so comfortable that at times I forget I even have them on! It must be the bamboo!”

The Lynne pant has not only been a hit with Lynne but her friends and family too. Her best friend and neighbour now owns a pair and her niece ordered a pair for a Secret Santa gift for her sister.

Photo by Jesse Delgrosse

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~ Colleen

On-ice Photos by Anna Epp Photography