Here’s my question for you today. Should I add another colour to the Pamela Hoodie? The Forest Teal has already sold out! And, guess what? That happened within the first 24 hours of giving you, my newsletters subscribers, advance notice of the Pre-order. It didn’t even make it to the general public.

Colour options

As a result, I’m thinking of adding one more colour to the mix: Cabernet Plum or Dark Blue. What’s your opinion on this?

Should I add another colour to the Pamela Hoodie, Photo of Cabernet Plum

Cabernet Plum

Should I add another colour to the Pamela Hoodie, Photo of Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Time is of the essence because I need to order more fabric from my supplier in Vancouver. As well as add to my production order with The Bobbins Production Studio here in Ottawa.

Another option, should I add more of the Forest Teal? I’m excited the Forest Teal was such a hit!

Should I add another colour to the Pamela Hoodie, Photo of Forest Teal

Forest Teal

It’s risky business though. Will I make more and be left with them sitting on the shelf? Did everyone who was going to buy one, already buy? This is why I need your valuable input.

Since this is my final production run, I want to meet everyone’s needs and at the same time, not be left with inventory. It’s a tricky balance.

So, if you can help me out and let me know in the comments or by email to if you’d like a Cabernet Plum Pamela Hoodie? Or a dark blue one? Or more Forest Teal? I would be so grateful.

Only 1 left in light charcoal

Oh, and I almost forgot, the light charcoal is almost sold out as well. I only have one left in Size 3(L). You can grab it here:

Yes, I’ll take one

Pre-order the Pamela Bamboo Hoodie, Front and back view in light charcoal micro stripe

Front & back view in light charcoal micro stripe

The dark charcoal is still available in all sizes. So, if you like more classic neutral colours, then this is for you.

Photo of Dark Charcoal

Dark Charcoal

Pre-order the Pamela Hoodie

Thanks so much for your help. I can always count on you to guide me along this winding path!

Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support local breast cancer organizations who treat the whole person and not just the disease.