The more, the better

The more choices the better, right? You would think having more options available would make our experience better. But, could it be that less is better?

Everyone thinks they want more options. Me included. But, Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice, explains it this way. We might believe that having more options makes it easier to choose one that will make us happy. However, having an abundance of options requires more effort to make a decision and can leave us feeling unsatisfied with our choice. So, instead of increasing our satisfaction, it can actually lower it.

Think of the explosion of choices we face every day. Could it be affecting our well-being and we don’t even know it? When we’re faced with a multitude of choices, we often become paralyzed. I can relate.

Netflix scrolling and more

How many times, especially over the last 2 years, have I turned on Netflix. Then, after 30 minutes of mindlessly scrolling, I still can’t settle on something to watch. And when I do, not feeling satisfied with my choice. Maybe there’s something better.

What about those Build Your Own Bowl restaurants? I feel overwhelmed by not only the number of decisions I have to make, but the number of choices available. First you pick your grain, next your protein, then the add-ins, and finally the sauce. Oh, and don’t forget, “Any sides with that?”  I’m never sure if what I’m choosing goes well together.

And, how about looking through a wheel of paint chips at a paint store? Need I say more.

Decision fatigue

Our human brain is not equipped to make lots of choices all the time. It’s called decision fatigue. And, when we finally do make a good decision, we often feel bad about it, or second guess our choice.

It’s not easy to recognize though. We all think we want more options. It seems logical and is kind of hard wired into our brain. I get this as a shop owner. If a customer asks for a specific colour and I don’t have it, then I can’t help but think I should carry more colours.

On the other hand, what’s not as obvious is when a customer buys only 1 item because there’s just too much to choose from and she can’t decide. Decision fatigue is invisible, not only to the store owner, but even the customer. Ironically, studies have shown that when given more choice, people buy less.

I know from my own experience, when faced with a wall of colours in a store, at first I think this is great! Then, after some back and forth, I’ll say to myself, let me think on this and come back later. Often I never go back.

Less is more

So, for the sake of my own well-being of not having to choose a lot of colour options for you. And, for your own well-being of not being presented with a lot of colour choices, I’m sticking to 2 colours. Maybe even 1 in some cases. I’m learning. Last season, I made the Joy bamboo pocket pant in 3 colours. Black always sells, charcoal is popular, but the navy has been so so.

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For Spring/Summer 2022, my new drawstring lounge style pant is coming in a light micro stripe mix and a dark. That’s it. I had a customer request to see a closeup of the 2 colours. So, here it is. Keep in mind, colours on a screen don’t always come out the best, but it gives you a good idea. Nancy, I hope this helps.

The more choices the better, right? by Colleen Kanna, Photo of light micro stripe and dark

Light and dark micro stripe

My suggestion is the light micro stripe will be great for Spring/Summer and the dark will work all year round.

Bamboo drawstring lounge style pants

The style looks great on all ages.

The pants are in the lineup for production in April/May. Stay tuned for the Pre-Order opportunity. As always, Keeping Abreast subscribers will get advance notice and first dibs. Make sure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out:

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At the end of the day, I know picking the colour of a piece of clothing is hardly monumental. But, if less choice simplifies our life just a little bit, and saves some brain power for decisions that really matter, then I’m in.

Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer. My COKANNA Canadian-made bamboo clothing is all about comfort and style. Giving back to the community is important to me so I support Rethink Breast Cancer‘s metastatic breast cancer education, support, and advocacy work.