Time as a kid

The passage of time is such a curious thing. When I was young, it seemed to go on forever like the last day of school. We would watch the clock slowly tick down the minutes until the school bell rang releasing us to the seemingly never-ending days of summer.

Two whole months felt like a vast amount of time. It stretched out lazily in front of us. If I close my eyes, I’m taken back to a time of lying on the grass and watching the clouds drift by and marvelling at the different shapes they make.

I remember the trip to our local fair every August. Oh, the anticipation of getting there. It seemed to take forever. Could my dad drive any slower?

Time as an adult

We all know how time passes more quickly as we grow older. Even my 16 year old daughter laments the passage of time.

These days I seem to be in slow motion while the days keep whizzing by. I’ve lost track of days and even hours in the day. Just last week, I scheduled a zoom meeting for an hour earlier than I thought and completely missed it. Another time I thought it was 3:00 and it was actually 6:30. The clock on the wall had stopped. Where did three and a half hours go?

When we went into lockdown, the world slowed down. We all got the memo. Now that we’re opening back up, I haven’t got the memo yet on how to get back up to speed, to get back on the hustle train. Do I want to get back on the train? I like the slower pace. Maybe I should go by foot or get a horse and buggy!

I wonder is it possible to slow down our pace, to stop and smell the roses, and not get left behind? Especially in the business world? Why do I feel like I’m always trying to catch up with my life? What if taking our time to enjoy the everyday ordinary moments is what makes our life extraordinary?

Cloud gazing

My daughter and I still look up at the clouds in wonder at the different shapes we see. Sometimes it’s a dog’s head or a whale or a castle. You have to be quick or they morph into something else or simply drift away. It reminds me how life can change in a blink of an eye.

The Passage of Time is a Curious Thing by Colleen Kanna

Cloud gazing

Our cloud gazing is usually when we’re walking the dog. When we’re often trying to hurry him up so we can get home and carry on with our day. Sometimes I find we hurry up so we can slow down and sometimes, we need to slow down so we can hurry up. Yep, the passage of time and how we move through it is a curious thing.

Don’t Forget

As salons, restaurants, and shopping malls get set to reopen, some of us are excited and some of us are a little apprehensive. Remember to be safe, kind, patient, and understanding. Remember to social distance, wash your hands, not touch your face, and wear a face mask if that’s what makes you feel comfortable. And remember the online small business owners who served you during the pandemic are still here too.


Until next week,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography

Colleen Kanna is a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer.

She is the creator of COKANNA Canadian made bamboo clothing for women that’s all about comfort and style.

Colleen supports Rethink Breast Cancer’s metastatic breast cancer support, education, and advocacy work.