Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash

Do you remember the perfect pair of jeans in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? You know, the ones the four best friends shared and somehow they magically fit all of them even though the girls were different shapes and sizes. And when they wore them, they each looked and felt great which somehow seemed to bring them good fortune…well, at least some of the time.

Back to the real world. How do you find the perfect pair of pants to fit you? We are all different shapes and sizes. We are all one-of-a-kind.

At our Paris Nights Fashion Show on Saturday night, our models were everyday ordinary women. You read about each of them in last week’s Model Mini-Blog Series. Amazing, talented, strong, courageous, beautiful women who are all unique. They were of different ages, skin tones, heights, and body shapes. I wanted to show how the cokanna line would look and fit on different women.

I chose soft breathable bamboo fabric for my clothing because it is resilient. It has a lot of give and take. It gently hugs your body and keeps you looking smooth and sleek in a comfortable way. It has a lot of stretch but easily returns to its original shape after wearing and washing.

This is why the Lynne pant is so awesome. It fits women of all shapes and sizes. This was never more evident than when the models strutted their stuff on the runway.

Eleanor wearing the Lynne pant tucked into high boots

Vesna in the Lynne pant over low-cut boots

Sophia showing off the Lynne pant in high heels

Angelika looking sleek in the Lynne pant over shoes

Fashion Show Photos by Eva Wong Photography

After the show, a guest came up to me and said, “It was like those magic jeans in the movie, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. That pant looked great on everyone”.

It’s true. Women will hold them up and say, “I don’t think these are gonna fit me”. To which I respond, “Trust me. Just try them on. They will fit.” And they do. The length may be long but I figure too long is better than too short. You can always have them hemmed. I know. I am barely 5′ tall. But if they are too short, there is not much you can do.

Photo by Jesse Delgrosse

The guest…she chatted with one of the models, Sophia, who has a similar body type. They discussed how difficult it is to find pants that properly fit their bodies. She tried on a pair of the Lynne pants and promptly took them home along with a Vesna cardigan and a Patti pencil skirt.

Yes! This is why I do what I do. I love to see a customer come out of the fitting room with a big smile on her face. When she tells me she can’t believe how comfortable the pants are. I know this well. I freely admit I will wear my Lynne pant for 5 days in a row. And then I have to tell myself, “Ok, you need to wear something else today because they have to go in the wash”.

If you didn’t get to see the Lynne pant in action at our Paris Nights Fashion Show, you have another opportunity to do so at our Christmas Pop-up Shop:

When: Saturday, November 17th from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Where: Mansfield’s Shoes, 1160 Beaverwood Rd. W in Manotick

What: Shop the COKANNA line, Wanderlust Scarves, and Mansfield’s Shoes

Who: Chat with Heidi of Wanderlust Scarves, Kyra of Mansfield’s Shoes and myself, and see Claire model the Vesna cardi and the Lynne pant.

Plus: Refreshments will be served

What better way to spend a Saturday…shopping for early Christmas presents for yourself or loved ones, and having something to nibble and sip on while doing so.

Can’t shop in person, then purchase the Lynne Pant online from the comfort of your home. They are better than the jeans in the movie, trust me!