Meet Tracy

This is Tracy Daly. Her question: What do I wear to work now that I work from home?

Tracy is a Financial Planner with Sun Life. BC (before Covid), Tracy had an office downtown in Little Italy. Then like many of us, she had to quickly pivot, set up a temporary office at home, and get up to speed on Zoom.

Now, 5 months later, she’s loving this change in her work life. She no longer has to commute downtown every day. She doesn’t have to rent office space anymore or pay for parking. Her new permanent office will be a short commute to her dining room. Renovations are currently underway.

Working from home

Working from home means Tracy now meets with her clients virtually. And, that means her wardrobe requirements have changed. No more tailored suits, no more high heels, nor the dreaded pantyhose. Tracy wants the luxury of slipping on something soft, breathable, comfortable, and stylish, and walking barefoot into her home office.

Voilà, in comes COKANNA. Tracy picked up 5 bamboo basics, all in midnight black, to start off her new work-from-home capsule wardrobe: the Carolyn reversible dress; the Maxine reversible tank; the Lynne pant; the Patricia cardigan; and the Patti pencil skirt. She was able to try on and shop in the comfort and safety of my home studio by appointment only, one shopper at a time.

What do I wear to work now that I work from home? by Colleen Kanna

5 mix & match pieces in midnight black


Mix & match pieces

Tracy can mix and match all 5 pieces. They are the foundation of her capsule wardrobe. 5 pieces gives her 12 outfits. The Carolyn dress can be worn V neck in front or round neck in front so it’s really 2 dresses in 1. Then throw the cardigan overtop and that gives you 4 different looks. The Maxine reversible tank can also be worn both ways with the Patti pencil skirt. Add in the cardigan and there’s another 4 outfits. And finally pair the Lynne pant with the 2-way tank and then the cardi and there’s another 4 looks.

Capsule wardrobe

The classic black pieces will integrate easily into her current wardrobe. She can dress them up for the occasional meeting downtown or dinner out on a patio. And, she can just as easily throw them on to run out for groceries, drop in for a social distance yoga class, or simply lounge around the house. They can take her right through her day and right through the year. Bamboo is an all-season fabric. It’s breathable and thermal regulating. It will keep her cool in the warm weather, and warm in the cool weather.

Tracy can add in splashes of colour and pattern with shoes, jewellery, scarves, and other pieces that suit her mood. The approach to a capsule wardrobe is spend more on your foundational pieces that will last for years, and top up with less expensive trendy accessories and add-ons.

Final Word

My final word in this new pandemic world: It’s time to adopt the concept of slow fashion. Choose style and comfort. Choose quality over quantity. Spend more less often. Buy Canadian and support local small business.

If you’re looking for comfy work-from-home mix & match pieces that can easily integrate into your wardrobe, send me an email at or call me at 613-863-8893 and we’ll book your private shopping experience. In the meantime, check out my online store:


Until next time,

~ Colleen

Colleen Kanna, Photo by Anna Epp Photography

I’m a recovering Chartered Accountant and Breast Cancer Champion turned Fashion Designer.

I create COKANNA Canadian made bamboo clothing for women that’s all about comfort and style.

Giving back to the community is important to me so I support Rethink Breast Cancer’s metastatic breast cancer support, education, and advocacy work.